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Friday, February 24, 2006

Another rainbow, another day

Another rainbow, another day

A strange coincidence happened to me today. I say strange because it was exactly 2 weeks ago that a similarly fortuitous event occurred with a rainbow.

I was out photographing a ship leaving Otago Harbor. While waiting for the ship to appear the rain squall lifted and this amazing rainow that you see appeared directly in front.

Just as I started taking photos the ship hove into view and the two converged for a brief moment. If either the rain or ship had been a couple of minutes either way then this crossover wouldn't have occurred at all.

Hence the strange coincidence between this event and my earlier encounter with a rainbow.

The photo was taken at about 5:30 pm in mid February. Camera: Sony F828 Settings: 1/500s, f3.5, ISO100, focal length 42mm, 0 ev

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